I thought today I would share a story printed in my local paper.

I hope you enjoy.

Sarah and Kia xx



I was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to live in Italy, I had so many questions to ask myself.

1) Could Kia come with me?

2) How would this move affect my health?

3) Would the stress of moving to a new country be too much for me?


1) Yes Kia could come with me, we just needed to get her a passport.

2) You don’t know until you try.

3) I was still feeling stressed in Scotland maybe the change would do me good.

It was decided, I bought a land rover, packed it up and began a new adventure, with FMS I don’t know how long I will be able to just pick up and head off on exciting journeys.

Fibro was changing my life and I was determined that I would have a say in these changes.

I moved to a small village high up in the Italian Alps.  My friend was moving back to Italy after 25 years in the UK so it was big changes all round.  Her mum was going into hospital for a hip replacement and now she would have some help when she came home.  my friend’s mother had an empty house next door to her house.

The tranquility and beauty of the Alps inspired me, why not take this opportunity to finish my book.  Kia looked pleased at the suggestion, so sitting out in the Italian sun, the mountains all around me, I wrote “The Adventures of Kia.”

A new life, a new country, a new career, Fibro did make a Big Change to my life.


I only had Kia a few months when the aches and pains I had suffered with over the years got worse, getting out of bed in the morning was fun…. not, I was lucky to take two steps and I was falling over.  I had no feeling in my leg.  Back to the doctors again.  I saw a locum as my normal doctor was off.

The doctor listened as I explained how I was feeling, then suggested I go for some blood tests.  A feeling of dread came over me.  I hate blood tests or any needles, but it had to done.

The tests were sent off, then it was the waiting game.  The results came back, “Sorry, you have fibromyalgia.”

I had no idea what fibromyalgia was.  It sounded scary, but I had to look at the positive, someone was helping me.  I now had a name for my aches, pains and depression.

More tests, I felt like I was on a roundabout of hospitals and physiotherapy.

The Physio helped, I could now get up and walk without fear of landing on my nose.  Kia used think I was playing with her, she always waited till I pulled myself up.

I am not one for medication, so I began teaching myself pain control.  Instead of waking up and trying to jump out of bed, I have to lie for at least 15 minutes.  Wiggle my toes, I need to slowly get things moving, Kia patiently waiting for me.  Was I being fair to my best friend?  She needed someone fit and healthy to exercise and play with her.  The look of love in her eyes and her tail wagging told me she was where she wanted to be, I had to get mobile again for her.  I couldn’t let her down and send her back to the kennels, we were meant to be together.




Hi my name is Sarah and two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromygelia, (FMS).  Fibromy what? I hear you ask, well I asked the same question.

As the blog expands I’ll explain all I understand of Fibro.

For today I thought a quick introduction to me and my faithful companion Kia is in order.

Before I was properly diagnosed I was suffering with bad depression, the thought of going out alone terrified me, the longer I hid away the worse it got.  A good friend suggested I get a dog for company, and as we all know dogs need to have exercise.

She drove me to the S.S.P.C.A. in Hamilton, Scotland, where we viewed all the dogs, in the very last kennel I was to find my new best friend, this shy girl hiding at the back, so down to reception we went to arrange for me to meet this timid lass.  It was love at first sight for us both.  The paperwork for her adoption was completed, a home assessment was carried out, then it was time for Kia to come home.

But disaster struck!!! Kia had a tummy upset, she was going nowhere till she got better.  Daily phone calls were made, no change, she wasn’t any worse but her tummy wasn’t settling.  After six weeks of waiting I suggested that she be allowed to come home, if she didn’t improve in a week I would take her back for further tests.  It was agreed, so I rushed with my Dad  to collect her.

Before we could leave, Kia had to say goodbye to all the staff, then it was into the car for our journey home.  Dad had a quick coffee then left to let us bond.

Within two days Kia was eating properly, tummy upset all gone, I called to give a progress update and it was agreed that she had nervous tummy, she didn’t like being around so many other dogs and not being someone’s special friend.

It was now my turn to get better…. Kia’s lead on,  my smile on, open door and take that first huge step.  We had done it.  Kia is a very sociable girl and wanted to talk to everyone.  Oh no, that means I have to talk as well.  Everyone saying how gorgeous she is.  “Yes, she is gorgeous, thank you.”   You know this isn’t as difficult as I imagined.  Little steps but my life was moving again.

Best Friends

Best Friends